Q: How did you find the money?

We audit different government agencies on a regular basis for unclaimed funds due to citizens like yourself.

Q: How did you find me?

We usually locate our clients by doing internet searches.

Q: How much is my claim?  Where are the funds located?

Once you have signed our contingency fee agreement, we'll be happy to disclose the amount of the claim and where the funds are located!

Q: Where did this money come from?

This will also be revealed to you once we have the contigency agreement signed. However, we can tell you a majority of the time these funds are the results of an accounting error/overage or unclaimed inheritance you were never notified of.

Q: Is there a time limit on collecting my claim?

There is a limited amount of time in which the funds can be collected, after which the money is turned over o the government agency holding it, for their own personal use. If at all possible, we need to get started processing your claim today.

Q: How quickly will I receive the money?

The timeline may range from 6 to 12 weeks, from the time we receive your agreement, until we successfully close your case and you receive your funds. Please be aware the funds are held for a minimum of 30 days for clearing purposes upon receipt before releasing them, and that cases vary in complexity so the timeline may be shorter or longer depending on the nature of the case.

Q: Is this legal?

Absolutely! If we find that you are the rightful owner of these funds, then you have every right to claim them before they are lost to the government. It is absolutely legal for our company to act as your agent (where permitted by law) and deal with the government agencies on your behalf, with the proper documentation. Each state has their own legal requirements in terms of documentation. Our firm strictly adheres to the government agency's guidelines set forth by the state where the funds are located, and not necessarily where you reside.

Q: I’m afraid to sign legal documents with a company I just heard of. What should I do?

Most of our documents are standard agreements prepared for use as determined by the state in which your funds are being held. Our contingency agreement is very simple and to the point. There is no legal jargon, just a simple agreement about how we will split the proceeds of your claim if successful in collecting. All documents you will need to sign pertain only to your particular claim and don’t give our company any power relating to anything else in your life.

We don’t have access to any of your personal financial information, or power to make decisions on your behalf relating to anything except this claim. All document signings will be done in the presence of a licensed notary public local to your area. Rest assured that you’re in good hands with Private Capital Funding.

Q: This sounds like a scam…How can I be sure it isn’t?

All scams are based on people giving up money or personal information up front, i.e. bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, etc. We will never ask you for money or personal information. We operate only on a contigency basis and are only paid if we successfully recover the funds specified in the contract. If for whatever reason we are unsuccessful, you owe us nothing. If we are successful, all of our fees will come out of the recovered funds and never from you personally. We have been in business since 2004, have the capacity to conduct business in all 50 states, in good standing with all business, legal, and government agencies. We are eager to reunite you with your lost funds. If we can do anything else to help you feel comfortable dealing with us, all you have to do is ask.

Q: Can't I find the money on my own?

Certainly, however, the governmental agencies we audit typically DO NOT post these unclaimed funds accounts online. You are welcome to search state unclaimed funds websites located within our "Funds Recovery" tab at the top of each page, but if you find funds there, these are not the funds we're informing you about.

Q: Why should I use your company?

Our consultants consist of a team of legal advisors and dedicated support staff that have decades of combined experience. Most of the assets we locate aren't available by searching the internet, and it's unlikely that without the aid of a firm like ours, that you'll be notified of their existence by the agency holding them.

Q: I need to talk to my husband/wife/other family member about this first. Can I wait and think about it?

Of course, however, most of the time there is very short window of time left to collect your funds, and every day counts. If at all possible, we need to get your claim started within a day or two of making contact with you. We’ve seen claims fall short of being processed by a single day which resulted in the money being lost, permanently, to the government agency holding it. It’s heartbreaking and we don’t want to see that happen to you.

Q: I don’t feel comfortable with this whole process. Can I have my husband/wife/son/daughter handle it instead?

You absolutely can have a trusted adviser or family member call us. The only thing we need from you it to be present at the signing of documents in front of a notary. We need the actual claimant’s signature on any claim forms and agreements, and to verify that person’s identity (via a driver’s license or other valid form of identification) before we can process a claim on their behalf.

Q: How can I be sure that my claim is processed as soon as possible?

We do everything within our power to make the funding process simple, fast, and hassle-free, but we need your cooperation, too! The best way to avoid delays and receive your money as quickly as possible is to provide all requested documentation to us in a timely manner.

Did we answer your questions?

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