Individual Therapy

We're therapists, so, of course we're passionate about therapy. We think everyone should go to therapy and everyone has something they can work through at some point in their lives. Even therapists themselves! 

Here are some common issues we treat at Root Counseling:

  • Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks

  • Depression

  • Trauma (including childhood trauma, C-PTSD and PTSD)

  • Attachment Issues

  • Boundary Issues 

  • Codependency

  • Substance Use Disorders

  • Personality Disorders

  • Intimacy Related Issues

  • Relationship Stress or Family Problems

  • Life Transitions

  • Parenting Issues

  • Self-esteem/self-image Issues

  • Perfectionism

  • Existential and Spiritual Issues


Unsure if we can help? We offer a free 15 minute consultation. Let's talk.

"I am always a work in progress"