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Breastfeeding Support

As an attached parent and someone who specializes in attachment issues, I am very passionate about breastfeeding.


Along with the physical health benefits, both short-term and long, there is a plethora of evidence to suggest that breastfeeding is good for overall long-term psychological health as well as for keeping parents attached to their children.


A solid emotional attachment to a primary caregiver is one of the strongest protective factors a child can have against future mental health problems. A successful breastfeeding relationship is not only something that can accomplish this goal, it can also improve the mental health of the mother and the entire family involved. 


The majority of failed breastfeeding attempts are due to a lack of knowledge on the topic. It is uncommon that doctors discuss breastfeeding during prenatal appointments.


As a certified lactation counselor, I am here to help with prenatal and postpartum support, even beyond the newborn stage. 


Certified Lactation Consultant assists with breastfeeding support

Common issues or concerns that a CLC can help with:

  • Prenatal education to help with breastfeeding plan postpartum

  • Proper latch

  • Issues with maintaining milk supply or low milk supply (YES, including increasing a dwindling supply!)

  • Issues with oversupply 

  • Concerns related to returning to work and pumping

  • Breast and nipple issues (including referrals to physician when appropriate)

  • Addressing nipple confusion in infant

  • Help with tandem nursing (nursing multiples or nursing toddler and newborn)


*In-home support is offered for local clients on a case-by-case basis

Want us to help you breastfeed your baby correctly?

If so, we offer a free 15 minute consultation to see if we're the right fit for you!!

what people say

"I can't express enough how grateful I am for you. I feel like I've learned more about myself because of you than I have in my entire life. You are such a gift and a guiding, supporting, bright energy as I navigate becoming healthy and happy and stronger. To your point about wanting people to be okay - I feel like they all would be if they had your influence. Thanks for everything. "

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