Martha Portman, MA, LPCC, BC-TMH, Owner

Ryan Witkowski, MA, LPC, AMFT

Culturally sensitive and informed mental health counselor who realizes that relationship building is the catalyst that helps to move people forward in therapy. I am a trauma informed, transpersonal therapist who uses aspects of positive psychology to help address the wide range of human experiences from the practical life stressors to deeper emotional work.


I have nearly a decade of experience working in mental health and health and wellness. I have provided counseling in diverse settings ranging from telehealth, wellness programs and inpatient substance abuse programs to community mental health where my clients have ranged from high
level executives to those with severe and persistent mental illness. My areas of interest include C-PSTD/trauma, anger management, men’s issues, integration of plant medicines and psychedelic experiences, helping new fathers learn to adjust to parenthood and balance health and wellness, and substance/behavioral addictions, attachment issues and childhood abuse & neglect. These areas of expertise are all areas that have in some way affected me personally and I believe that that we all have the inner resources to evolve and grow through what may at times seem like insurmountable circumstances and emotions. 

At the core of our work together will be establishing a relationship built on compassion, mutual respect and openness. The stress and demands of life can often reduce our ability to acknowledge, live through and express ourselves authentically. I believe that building a strong and stable relationship allows us to begin our healing and growth work from a place of trust. This is foundation that I will work to create for you. I use an integrative approach, combining several techniques with an emphasis on mindfulness based methods, motivational interviewing, attachment theory and DBT.

**Licensed in both Ohio and California**

Multiculturally aware, bilingual, independently licensed mental health therapist who understands that compassion and relationship building are at the core of the healing process. I am a trauma-informed, dialectical, and person-centered clinician who believes in both practical and deeply, emotionally based healing processes

I have 9 years of experience working in the mental health field. I have worked with clients in various community mental health and teletherapy settings with problems ranging from situational life stress to severe mental illness. Some special interests include: anxiety, C-PTSD/trauma related disorders, attachment issues, childhood trauma, and helping individuals with parenting issues. I believe that positive mental health begins in infancy and am passionate about helping parents find a connection with their children to improve overall health and family functioning

I take a person-centered approach, where I work on building a strong therapeutic relationship with each client in order to help them reach their greatest potential and work towards reaching their goals. I believe that connection and relationship are the two foundations to personal growth. The strength of the relationship is based on my ability to maintain a non-judgmental, trusting and validating environment for the client while encouraging growth. My techniques include an integrative approach, combining multiple techniques, with an emphasis on Mindfulness-based techniques and DBT skills. Together, we will work together to find the root cause of the issues you are presenting with

.I am honored to walk with you on your healing journey

**Licensed in both Kentucky and Ohio**


Call/text: 440 667 2161